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What is Uplighting?

Simply put, uplighting is decorating with light. You’ve seen it in magazines and Pinterest, ballrooms, tents, churches, and even backyards transformed and personalized through the magic of uplighting. Simple and elegant or vibrant and colorful, lighting is the best, most cost-efficient, and dramatic way to enhance an event venue. The stunning before-and-after transformations will amaze your guests, enhance (or hide!) architectural features in your venue, and instantly create the mood and ambiance of your choice. Flowering Events, Atlanta’s full-service florist, is the exclusive provider of Uplighting America℠, do-it-yourself rental LED uplights. Order them to pickup, use, and return on your own or bundle with spectacular floral pieces for an amazing combination of flower and light to transform your wedding, corporate, or other special event.

Javan Entertainment offers DJ lighting and elegant specialty up lighting by creating and transforming any venue into a classy atmosphere every guest will be sure to compliment.  Lighting is the element that will bring success to the decor of any event large or small.  Through a simple process and understanding of architectural and accent lighting, beauty is enhanced with color and warmth that together both compliment perfectly to any venue and event feel.

Investing in lighting creates a lasting, illuminated memory shared during the duration of your event that can be seen and remembered forever in pictures for a lifetime. Javan Entertainment provide lighting services to create memorable and colorful memories.


"Experience tells all". -  DJ Javan



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